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Driving through the Town
Creator: unknown     Date: 1878
A horse-drawn cart moving through a street, past camels and people.
Carpet Bazaar, Cairo
Creator: unknown     Date: 1890
Man in open courtyard is surrounded by stacks of carpets.
Temple of Luxor
Creator: unknown     Date: 1890
Several groups of people stand around deteriorating temple and inscribed obelisk.
Hypostyle Hall, Karnak
Creator: unknown     Date: 1890
Hallway of large pillars, with the first leaning heavily to the right.
Temple of Esneh
Creator: unknown     Date: 1890
Two figures wait inside a wooden gate, leaves and blade-like designs decorate the top of the...
Native Boat, Assûan
Creator: unknown     Date: 1890
Close view of mid-sized boat and its six member crew.
Camel at Assûan
Creator: unknown     Date: 1890
Camel rests as two men speak, one gestures off into the distance.
Pharaoh's Bed, Philæ
Creator: unknown     Date: 1890
A boat is docked near the base of an open building with pillars, two figures recline on the shore.
Early Christian Shrine, Philæ
Creator: unknown     Date: 1890
A Maltese cross is the centerpiece of and entryway cut from stone.
Inscribed Monolithic Rock, Philæ
Creator: unknown     Date: 1890
Two men at the base of a pile of large rocks, the tallest of which bears several inscriptions.
The Rock of Abusîr
Creator: unknown     Date: 1890
A large rock formation with one distinct peak rises above the river.
Ruined Convent (Coptic) near Philæ
Creator: unknown     Date: 1890
Building with several sphere-like window structures on the roof and one tower sits near the river...
Philæ from the South
Creator: unknown     Date: 1890
Panoramic view of an island with pylon on left and lone row of five columns on the right.
Life of Edward William Lane [Electronic Version]
Creator: Lane-Poole, Stanley, 1854-1931     Date: 1877
Contents: PREFACE. -- 1801—1876. -- EDWARD WILLIAM LANE. 1801—1825. ---1825—1828. THE FIRST...
unfortunately took care to have all his own letters from Egypt destroyed; whilst.... of the “Description of Egypt,” which tells something of Mr. Lane's... and second residences in Egypt; his published works; and his sister's journal, kept during the third visit to Egypt. I have
Suez & Port Ibrahim
Creator: Unknown     Date: 1885
An electronically enhanced version of a greyscale map of the area between Suez and Port Ibrahim...
Carte Archeologique de L'Egypte
Creator: Erhard     Date: 1876
map of the Nile river in Egypt, as well as the Arabian Peninsula, with great topographical...
Pyramids and Tombs of Sakkara [and] Group of Pyramids of Sakkara [and] Pyramids and Tombs of Abusir
Creator: Wagner & Debes     Date: 1885
An electronically enhanced version of a plan of the pyramids and tombs of Sakkara, with buildings,...
Cairo (Masr El-Kahira)
Creator: Wagner & Debes     Date: 1885
An electronically enhanced version of a detailed fold-out color map of Cairo, with streets and...
Pyramids of Gizeh
Creator: Wagner & Debes     Date: 1885
An electronically enhanced version of a two-page plan of the Pyramids of Gizeh with ordered...
Plan Du Kaire Ancien
Creator: Erhard     Date: 1878
A plan of Ancient Cairo, with items of interest marked in red and described. Inset are a plan of...
Port Said, Panoramic View
Creator: Cairo Postcard Trust     Date: n.d.
Shot of many 3-story buildings near the water, with a small plot of undeveloped land in the lower...
The Return of the Pilgrim from Mecca: The Procession Waiting for the Pilgrim.
Creator: Sladen, Douglas Brooke Wheelton, 1856-1947     Date: 1911
The procession waiting for the pilgrim. On the right are camels kneeling down. On the left are the...
Misr Bahr
Other place names at latitude 31.0 / longitude 31.0
Feature TypeAlternate Name(s)
Locality or areaAl Wajh al Bahri; El Masr el Bahari; Er-Rif; Lower Egypt; Misr Bahr; Wagh-el-Bahri

Mahmoudieh Canal, near Alexandria
Creator: Rafael Tuck & Sons, Ltd.     Date: n.d.
Person with jug on head standing next to the canal, vegetation in foreground, city in background
Esbekieh Garden, Cairo
Creator: Rafael Tuck & Sons, Ltd.     Date: n.d.
Man watering a lush, green garden
Cairo, an Old Cemetary
Creator: Rafael Tuck & Sons, Ltd.     Date: n.d.
Woman in cemetary in front of a minaret
Group of Palm Trees, Esbekieh Garden, Cairo
Creator: Rafael Tuck & Sons, Ltd.     Date: n.d.
Tall palm trees, with some people strolling around near them
Promenade in the Esbekieh Garden, Cairo
Creator: Rafael Tuck & Sons, Ltd.     Date: n.d.
Woman walking along a path through greenery and trees
On an Irrigation Canal, Cairo
Creator: Rafael Tuck & Sons, Ltd.     Date: n.d.
Man, woman, and goat sitting and standing by a canal of the Nile
The Nile Bridge opened, Cairo
Creator: Rafael Tuck & Sons, Ltd.     Date: n.d.
Ships passing through an open bridge, with some ships docked
Mosque of Sidi Gaber, Alexandria
Creator: Rafael Tuck & Sons, Ltd.     Date: n.d.
Mosque on left, dirt pathway with man and horse-drawn carriage
Obelisks at Karnac
Creator: unknown     Date: 1906
A tall obelisk stands above a filed of rubble and bricks. In the foreground lies the top of another...
Philae Before the Assouan Dam Was Built
Creator: unknown     Date: 1906
A woman walks past a palm tree holding a jug on her head near the island of Philae before the...
A Greek Lady of Alexandria
Creator: unknown     Date: 1878
A woman slumped in a chair as a man offers her a cup; the ornate border of the picture includes...
Protestant Church of Alexandria
Creator: unknown     Date: 1878
A small church building standing apart from other buildings, with a small steeple.
Creator: unknown     Date: 1879
Drawing of a far-away view of Dashoor, with two pyramids in view.
Rock-cut Tomb at Beni Hassan.
Creator: unknown     Date: 1879
Drawing of the inside of a tomb at Beni Hassan.
Thebes From Karnac.
Creator: unknown     Date: 1879
Drawing of the view of Thebes from Karnak.
Obelisk of Usurtasen I. at Heliopolis.
Creator: unknown     Date: 1884
A scenic drawing of an Obelisk with a caravan in the foreground and a few building in the near...
The Memnon Colossi, Thebes.
Creator: unknown     Date: 1884
The ruins of two large statues that guarded the mortuary temple built by Amenhotep III. The statues...
Excavations At Kom-El-Ahmar.
Creator: unknown     Date: 1910
A team of men carry rocks out of a pit at the Kom el-Ahmar excavation site.
Fellahin waiting for the Police-Court to Open at Luxor.
Creator: unknown     Date: 1911
Two men walking past a gate and wall, where many people are sitting and relaxing in various...
Creator: unknown     Date: 1911
Two men and two donkeys are situated in front of a brick building with large windows. The donkeys...
Child Crying at the Kodak.
Creator: unknown     Date: 1911
Two children sitting on the ground, one of whom is crying (presumably out of fear of being...
The Oriental Lounge of the Cataract Hotel at Assuan.
Creator: unknown     Date: 1911
A photo of several men and women sitting in an outdoor lounge overlooking a river and mountain.
Donkey-boys at the Gates of Karnak.
Creator: unknown     Date: 1911
A man sits on a white horse while many other less well dressed others stand in front of him. They...
The Village of Kurna and its Fellahin of the Plain of Thebes.
Creator: unknown     Date: 1911
Four figures cover their head with cloth as they walk across a dusty field with a few trees in the...
Kharga Village, in the Great Oasis of the Libyan Desert.
Creator: unknown     Date: 1911
A group of about 20 children congregate in front of a wall with palm trees in the background.
Arab Salutations.
Creator: unknown     Date: 1911
Six man stand with the desert behind. All but one faces the camera. The two men farthest to the...
Pyraminds of Gizeh
Creator: Underwood & Underwood     Date: 1905
A line map of the Pyramids of Gizeh, with topographical markings, places of interest marked in...
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