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Richly caparisoned camels and their swarthy masters in the streets in the streets of "Cairo," World's Fair, St. Louis, U.S.A.
Creator: Underwood & Underwood     Date: 1904
A ride in Egypt, from Sioot to Luxor in 1879: with notes on the present state and ancient history of the Nile Valley, and some account of the various ways of making the voyage out and home. [Electronic Version]
Creator: Loftie, W. J. 1839-1911. (William John)     Date: 1886
A Ride through the Desert
Creator: unknown     Date: 1878
River Wall on the Damietta Arm of the Nile
Creator: unknown     Date: 1878
River-Side Tombs Near Siût
Creator: unknown     Date: 1890
The Rock of Abusîr
Creator: unknown     Date: 1890
Rock-cut Tomb at Beni Hassan.
Creator: unknown     Date: 1879
A Roman Castle in the Great Oasis of the Libyan Desert,"
Creator: unknown     Date: 1911
Roomeleh Place and Mosque of Hasan
Creator: unknown     Date: 1878
The Rosetta Stone
Creator: unknown     Date: 1878
Rosetta Stone.
Creator: unknown     Date: 1874
Rosette of a Primary School in Cairo
Creator: unknown     Date: 1878
Row of Suppliants
Creator: unknown     Date: 1878
Royal pyramid with rows of mastaba tombs behind it.
Creator: unknown     Date: 1902
The Rue Cherif Pasha, Alexandria
Creator: unknown     Date: 1906
Ruined Avenue of the Sphinxes.
Creator: unknown     Date: 1884
Ruined Convent (Coptic) near Philæ
Creator: unknown     Date: 1890
Ruined Mosque of el-Hakim.
Creator: Symington, J. A.     Date: 1902
The Ruined Mosque of Ibn-Tuloon
Creator: unknown     Date: 1878
Ruined Temple at Tafah, Nubia
Creator: unknown     Date: 1890
Ruins of Ancient Church, Famagusta
Creator: Unknown     Date: 1900
Ruins of Chefren
Creator: unknown     Date: 1878
Ruins of Memphis
Creator: Wagner & Debes     Date: 1885
Ruins of Memphis
Creator: Wagner & Debes     Date: 1908
The Ruins of Philae.
Creator: unknown     Date: 1910
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