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Egyptian Coins (Aboo Bekr, Omar, Othman, Alee)
Creator: unknown     Date: 1878
An Egyptian Girl
Creator: unknown     Date: 1878
An Egyptian ship being loaded by the people of Punt.
Creator: unknown     Date: 1902
Egyptian Type e Scenes. - Fellooka on the Nile.
Creator: Castro, M.     Date: n.d.
Embroidered Slippers
Creator: unknown     Date: 1878
The Emperor Tiberius making an offering of land to Sebek and Hathor.
Creator: unknown     Date: 1902
Entablature from the Tombs of Beni Ḥasan. Entablature with hollowed cornice.
Creator: Unknown     Date: 1885
Entrance of the Great Pyramid.
Creator: unknown     Date: 1879
Entrance to the Pyramid of Cheops
Creator: unknown     Date: 1878
Exposition universelle de 1867. Description du Parc egyptien. [Electronic Edition] ; The Universal Exposition of 1867. Description of the Egyptian Exhibition.
Creator: Mariette, Auguste, 1821-1881     Date: 1867
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