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Leading Nineteenth Century Publishers of Travel Guidebooks to Egypt
Creator: Lisa Spiro     Date: 2007-11-14T21:06:45Z
Locating Research Materials Using Meta-Catalogs: WorldCat
Creator: David Getman Paula Sanders     Date: 2006-10-23T09:12:57Z
Major US Stereograph Publishers
Creator: Lisa Spiro     Date: 2006-10-31T02:52:12Z
Overview of Connexions and TIMEA
Creator: Lisa Spiro     Date: 2006-09-19T19:30:00Z
Places in Egypt
Creator: Lisa Spiro     Date: 2006-09-22T16:56:16Z
Places in Egypt: Lower Egypt
Creator: Lisa Spiro Pamela J. Francis     Date: 2007-12-21T19:38:05Z
Places in Egypt: Middle Egypt
Creator: Lisa Spiro     Date: 2007-05-03T22:10:08Z
Places in Egypt: Overview
Creator: Lisa Spiro     Date: 2006-09-22T16:55:18Z
Places in Egypt: Upper Egypt
Creator: Lisa Spiro     Date: 2007-04-26T15:16:57Z
Placing History: Introducing geographic information systems in the context of current humanities research
Creator: eric leshinsky Marie Wise Lisa Spiro     Date: 2006-09-14T19:40:20Z
Researching Biography: Who is Douglas Sladen?
Creator: David Getman Paula Sanders     Date: 2006-10-11T10:45:37Z
Searching Online Catalogs: WebCat
Creator: David Getman Paula Sanders     Date: 2006-04-29T14:26:01Z
Strategies and Resources for Studying Stereographs
Creator: Lisa Spiro     Date: 2006-10-31T02:58:02Z
Studying Political Satire: "The Egyptian Red Book"
Creator: David Getman Paula Sanders Lisa Spiro     Date: 2006-09-19T10:18:18Z
Studying Political Satire: Introduction to "The Egyptian Red Book"
Creator: David Getman Paula Sanders     Date: 2006-09-19T10:44:36Z
Taking the “Souvenir of Egypt” Research Project to the Next Level
Creator: David Getman Paula Sanders     Date: 2006-10-08T10:28:31Z
TIMEA GIS Map Interface Tools
Creator: Marie Wise     Date: 2007-11-29T15:32:32Z
Understanding Material Culture: Deciphering the Imagery of the "Souvenir of Egypt"
Creator: David Getman Paula Sanders     Date: 2006-10-08T20:35:18Z
Using and Creating TIMEA Educational Materials in Connexions
Creator: Lisa Spiro     Date: 2006-09-18T14:30:55Z
Using TIMEA Modules
Creator: Lisa Spiro     Date: 2007-12-14T10:34:26Z
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