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Ruwaysat Abu Ruthah
Other place names at latitude 29.7111111 / longitude 33.8441667
Feature TypeAlternate Name(s)
HypsographicRuweisat Abu Rutha; Ruwaysat Abu Ruthah
Ruwaysat al Ukhaydir
Other place names at latitude 30.1005556 / longitude 33.2366667
Feature TypeAlternate Name(s)
HypsographicRuweiset el- Akheider; Ruwaysat al Ukhaydir
Ruweid el- Hamal
Other place names at latitude 29.9166667 / longitude 34.6
Feature TypeAlternate Name(s)
HydrographicRuweid el- Hamal
Other place names at latitude 30.8847222 / longitude 30.5013889
Feature TypeAlternate Name(s)
Populated place`Ezbet Ruzzaqa; Ruzzafa; Ruzzafah
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