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Egypt through the stereoscope : a journey through the land of the Pharaohs [Electronic Version]
Creator: Breasted, James Henry, 1865-1935      Date: 1908
and Court of the temple of Horus... of the granite temple by the Sphinx... II, an embellishment of his now vanished temple at Memphis... The temple
Hand-book for travellers in Egypt; including descriptions of the course of the Nile to the second cataract, Alexandria, Cairo, the pyramids, and Thebes, the overland transit to India, the peninsula of Mount Sinai, the oases, &c. Being a new edition, corrected and condensed, of "Modern Egypt and Thebes" [Electronic Version]
Creator: Wilkinson, John Gardner, Sir, 1797-1875      Date: 1847
, or Nerba. — e. Kasr Kharoon — Temple and other Ruins... — Population — Productions. — j. The Great Oasis, or Wah el Khargeh — Temple of Ain... Ruins in the great Oasis — The Great Temple, Name...' Zayán — Tomb of Emeer Kháled — Temple of Doosh
The Nile : notes for travellers in Egypt [Electronic Version]
Creator: Budge, E. A. Wallis Sir, 1857-1934. (Ernest Alfred Wallis)      Date: 1902
The Temple... Temple... Temple of Rameses II... The Temple