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At the Foot of the Pyramid of Cheops
Creator: null      Date: 1878
Several men at the foot of a crumbling pyramid
Cook's tourists' handbook for Egypt, the Nile, and the Desert [Electronic Version]
Creator: Thomas Cook Ltd. [Corporate author]      Date: 1897
has been aimed at as the great essential; but the object... to the Great Desert and Palestine... Pyramid.... COOK & SON, as these afford great security, and can
Entrance of the Great Pyramid.
Creator: null      Date: 1879
Drawing of the doorway into the Great Pyramid
The Great Pyramid, showing passages and mummy chambers.
Creator: null      Date: 1902
Cross-section of the Great Pyramid with various chambers drawn
Pigeon-Towers in the Fayum.
Creator: null      Date: 1911
A small sandcastle-like structure stands on the edge of a small body of water. The landscape behind...
Section of the Pyramid of Cheops at Gizeh.
Creator: null      Date: 1902
Cross-section of the Pyramid of Cheops, with the entrance and various chambers noted
The Step Pyramid at Sakkara.
Creator: null      Date: 1902
Photograph of the Step Pyramid at Sakkara