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Assembly of Birds on the Lake of Menzaleh
Creator: null      Date: 1878
A flock of flamingos at the edge of a lake.
The Blunted Pyramid at Dahshur.
Creator: null      Date: 1902
Drawing of the Blunted Pyramid at Dahshur.
Boat Life in Egypt and Nubia [Electronic Version]
Creator: Prime, William Cowper, 1825-1905      Date: 1874
The Body of Sethos I who lived early in the fourteenth century B.C. Museum of Cairo, Egypt. (12)
Creator: Underwood & Underwood      Date: 1904
Mummified body
Cairo - The Pyramids (65)
Creator: Lehnert & Landrock      Date: n.d.
Man on camel with pyramids in background on either side
Cairo -The Blue Mosque (59)
Creator: Lehnert & Landrock      Date: n.d.
A city street with large domed mosque in right background
Cairo--Evening (69)
Creator: Lehnert & Landrock      Date: n.d.
Sunset view of pyramids in center distance with water in front
Cairo--Gebel Mokattam (63)
Creator: Lehnert & Landrock      Date: n.d.
Low-lying, domed ruins in desert; weathered rock behind
Cairo--The Pyramids (65)
Creator: Lehnert & Landrock      Date: n.d.
White-robed figure on camel, two pyramids in background
The Camel Market at Gizeh.
Creator: null      Date: 1911
Two men talking amidst many camels.
Child Crying at the Kodak.
Creator: null      Date: 1911
Two children sitting on the ground, one of whom is crying (presumably out of fear of being...
The city of the caliphs; a popular study of Cairo and its environs and the Nile and its antiquities [Electronic Version]
Creator: Reynolds-Ball, Eustace A. b. 1857? (Eustace Alfred)      Date: 1898
Cook's tourists' handbook for Egypt, the Nile, and the Desert [Electronic Version]
Creator: Thomas Cook Ltd. [Corporate author]      Date: 1897
The Delta (Lower Egypt)
Creator: Wagner & Debes      Date: 1885
A map of the Nile River Delta, showing cities, roads, and arable land.
Diary of A Tour in Greece, Turkey, Egypt, and The Holy Land [Volume 2] [Electronic Version]
Creator: Damer, Mary Georgiana Emma Seymour Dawson, d. 1848      Date: 1841
—Seyd Bey's palace—Singular bequest —Sir M. M
Diorite statue of King Khafre, builder of the Second Pyramid at Gizeh, Cairo, Egypt.(10)
Creator: Underwood & Underwood      Date: 1904
Statue of seated figure
Donkey-boys at the Gates of Karnak.
Creator: null      Date: 1911
A man sits on a white horse while many other less well dressed others stand in front of him. They...
Door of a Tomb at Ghizeh
Creator: null      Date: 1878
Decorations on a door in Ghizeh.
Eastern Environs of Cairo
Creator: Wagner & Debes      Date: 1885
An electronically enhanced version of a colored map of the region immediately surrounding Cairo to...
Egypt and the Sûdân; handbook for travellers [Electronic Version]
Creator: Baedeker, Karl      Date: 1914
. ca. = circa, about. M. = English
Egypt through the stereoscope : a journey through the land of the Pharaohs [Electronic Version]
Creator: Breasted, James Henry, 1865-1935      Date: 1908
Egypt, handbook for travellers.Pt. 1. Lower Egypt, with the Fayum and the peninsula of Sinai [Electronic Version]
Creator: Baedeker, Karl      Date: 1885
for travellers. pt. 1. Lower Egypt, with the Fayu^m and the peninsula.... Lower Egypt, with the Fayu^m and the peninsula of Sinai... (by Dr. M. Th. v. Heuglin
Egypt, handbook for travellers: part second, upper Egypt, with Nubia as far as the second cataract and the western oases [Electronic Version]
Creator: Baedeker, Karl      Date: 1892
EGYPT. -- Climbing the Great Pyramid.
Creator: Unknown      Date: n.d.
Colorized photo of six people climbing up large stones of the pyramid
Egypt: handbook for travellers [Electronic Version]
Creator: Baedeker, Karl      Date: 1898
Egypt: handbook for travellers [Electronic Version]
Creator: Baedeker, Karl      Date: 1908
El-Kab. Small Temple Built By The Viceroy of Ethiopia For Ramses II.
Creator: null      Date: 1910
A small, crumbling stone temple .
Entrance to the Great Pyramid, the sepulchre of Khufu (in north face), seen from below, Egypt. (23)
Creator: Underwood & Underwood      Date: 1904
View of the entrance to the Great Pyramid
Environs of Cairo
Creator: Wagner & Debes      Date: 1908
A colored map of Cairo and the area immediately surrounding the city.
The Environs of Cairo
Creator: Stanford's Geographical Establishment      Date: 1888
Cairo and the surrounding country, with the Nile River vally shaded green and major roads and towns...
Environs of Cairo 1:75.000
Creator: Wagner & Debes      Date: 1914
A map of Cairo and the area surrounding it, with parts of cities colored in red and areas outside...
Environs of Cairo Sheet I 1:125.000
Creator: Wagner & Debes      Date: 1898
Colored map of Cairo and the area surrounding the city.
Environs of Cairo Sheet II
Creator: Wagner & Debes      Date: 1908
A colored map of the area immediately south of Cairo, with major landmarks, roads and towns.
Exposition universelle de 1867. Description du Parc egyptien. [Electronic Edition] ; The Universal Exposition of 1867. Description of the Egyptian Exhibition.
Creator: Mariette, Auguste, 1821-1881      Date: 1867
Parc Égyptien M. Auguste Mariette... ÉGYPTIEN PAR M. AUGUSTE MARIETTE... qu'ils étaient appelés à expliquer. On doit à M. Drevet... écuries. C'est aussi M. Drevet qui a été
The famous wooden statue called the Shehk el-Beled, in the Museum, Cairo, Egypt. (11)
Creator: Underwood & Underwood      Date: 1904
Statue in museum
Fellahin children watching the foreigners ride past.
Creator: null      Date: 1911
A photograph of a road. There is a motorcycle with a side cab in the background and two children...
Fishing Boat on the Lake of Menzelah
Creator: null      Date: 1878
A long sailboat with a tattered sail trawling for fish in the Lake of Menzaleh.
Five Months at Cairo and in Lower Egypt [Electronic Version]
Creator: Charmes, Gabriel      Date: 1883
the Nil of M. Maxime du Camp to the Fellah of M. About, commenced invariably
From the summit of the Great Pyramid E. over the Valley of the Nile, Egypt. (20)
Creator: Underwood & Underwood      Date: 1904
View of the Valley of the Nile from the summit of the Great Pyramid
Great Columns at Karnac
Creator: null      Date: 1906
A leaning column covered in hieroglyphics.
The Great pyramid of Gizeh, a tomb of 5,000 years ago, from S.E. Egypt. (17)
Creator: Underwood & Underwood      Date: 1904
Men on camels in front of the pyramid of Gizeh
Great Sphinx and pyramid of Chefren, Egypt. (44)
Creator: Underwood & Underwood      Date: 1896
Man on a camel in front of the Great Sphinx and the Pyramid of Chefren in Egypt
THE GREAT SPHINX, at the time of its excavation
Creator: Unknown      Date: 1885
The Sphinx. Line drawing.
The Great Sphinx- Gizeh.
Creator: null      Date: 1884
A picture of the Great Sphinx with one of the Pyramids in the background.
Group of Arabs and Camels in the Desert Near the Pyramids of Gizeh.
Creator: Sladen, Douglas Brooke Wheelton, 1856-1947      Date: 1911
Several Arabs and camels in the desert. Black-and-white photograph.
Hand-book for travellers in Egypt; including descriptions of the course of the Nile to the second cataract, Alexandria, Cairo, the pyramids, and Thebes, the overland transit to India, the peninsula of Mount Sinai, the oases, &c. Being a new edition, corrected and condensed, of "Modern Egypt and Thebes" [Electronic Version]
Creator: Wilkinson, John Gardner, Sir, 1797-1875      Date: 1847
M. RUSCONI, FRÈRES... MONALDINI; M. MERLE.... — m. List of Caliphs and Sultans of Egypt. — n... of the Town. — k. M⊙sks — Early pointed Arches — Morostan, or Madhouse
A handbook for travellers in Lower and Upper Egypt [Electronic Version]
Creator: John Murray (Firm)      Date: 1888
editions, especially to M. Mariette, Dr. Grant, and Mr
Hypostyle Hall, Karnak
Creator: null      Date: 1890
Hallway of large pillars, with the first leaning heavily to the right.
Creator: null      Date: 1906
Several ruined buildings at Karnak.
Karnac, Pylone of Ptolemy
Creator: null      Date: 1906
A view up the road to a tall archway in Karnak. Several people are standing on the sides of the...
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