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Ancient Egypt and Surrounding Countries
Creator: Underwood & Underwood      Date: 1905
A line map of Egypt and Arabia with major cities and bodies of water
Cathedral of St. Sophia, Famagusta
Creator: Unknown      Date: 1900
Huge cathedral standing alone in grandeur, with palm trees about. spine.
Curtain Wall, Famagusta
Creator: Unknown      Date: 1900
Ships docked before old city wall. Black-and-white photograph.
Creator: Unknown      Date: 2001
A simplified map of the country of Cyprus showing the elevations of different cities.
Creator: Unknown      Date: 1889
A topographical map of cyprus, with major cities and rivers labeled.
Desdemona's Tower, Famagusta
Creator: Unknown      Date: 1900
Fortress walls and tower by water. Black-and-white photograph.
Creator: null      Date: 1878
The ruins of Famagusta
Ruins of Ancient Church, Famagusta
Creator: Unknown      Date: 1900
Remaining arches of church. Black-and-white photograph.