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Cairo. A Street at Mousky.
Creator: L. Scortzis & Co.      Date: n.d.
Blurry photo of a crowded, narrow street
CAIRO. The Mosque Mohammed-El-Worde.
Creator: Unknown      Date: n.d.
Narrow street with a fair amount of people
Cairo: Shari Darb el Gamamiz (Jamamiz).
Creator: Tyrwhitt, Walter S.S.      Date: 1907
A street scene in Cairo. Painting.
Cairo: Sharia El-Maghraby, Davies Bryan Building.
Creator: Unknown      Date: 1916
Angled view of three skyscrapers
Calyx Capitals
Creator: Unknown      Date: 1885
The tops of three different pillars in detail. Line drawing.
Camel at Assûan
Creator: null      Date: 1890
Camel rests as two men speak, one gestures off into the distance.
A Camel Band In a Procession Which Has Gone to Meet a Pilgrim Returned from Mecca.
Creator: Sladen, Douglas Brooke Wheelton, 1856-1947      Date: 1911
Highly decorated camels. Black-and-white photograph.
The Camel Market at Gizeh.
Creator: null      Date: 1911
Two men talking amidst many camels.
Camels Carrying Stone, near Cairo
Creator: Rafael Tuck & Sons, Ltd.      Date: n.d.
Camels walking through a desert, roped together
Carpet Bazaar, Cairo
Creator: null      Date: 1890
Man in open courtyard is surrounded by stacks of carpets.
Carques au Barrage du Nil
Creator: Unknown      Date: n.d.
Four ships in the nile Masts without sails
Carte Archeologique de L'Egypte
Creator: Erhard      Date: 1876
map of the Nile river in Egypt, as well as the Arabian Peninsula, with great topographical detail and city names
Casting His Eye: A Little Comedy Outside the Railway Station at Cairo.
Creator: Sladen, Douglas Brooke Wheelton, 1856-1947      Date: 1911
A man stares at a veiled woman walking by. Black-and-white photograph.
The Castle of Abûkir and the Scene of the Battle of the Nile.
Creator: null      Date: 1911
A view of a low stone wall by a body of water
Castle of the Ram: Kal'at-el-Kebsh
Creator: Carter, O.B.      Date: c.1830
Castle set into a wall; people standing in front. Line Drawing.
Catacombs in Alexandria
Creator: null      Date: 1878
A ruined catacomb, with rubble strewn across the floor and light coming in from above.
Catalogue of the National museum of Arab art [Electronic Version]
Creator: Herz, Max, 1856-1919      Date: 1896
-- Egypt -- Cairo -- Catalogs Art, Islamic... TO BOMBY, GIBRALTAR, MALTA, BRINDISI, EGYPT, ADEN... of the Saracens in Egypt,’ ‘Studies in a Mosque,’ &c... OF THE COMMISSION OF ARAB MONUMENTS Author of ‘The Art of the Saracens in Egypt,’ ‘Cairo
Catalogue Raisonné Des Monuments Exposés Dans Le Musée National de l'Art Arabe Précédé d'Un Aperçu De l'Histoire De l'Architecture Et Des Arts Industriels En Égypte [Electronic Version]
Creator: Herz, Max, 1856-1919      Date: 1906
-- Egypt -- Cairo -- Catalogs Art, Islamic
Catalogue sommaire des monuments exposés dans le Musée national de l'art arabe [Electronic Version] ; [Summary Catalog of Monuments Exhibited in the National Museum of Arab Art]
Creator: Hers, Max, ; pasha.      Date: 1895
-Islāmī (Cairo, Egypt) Creation... Art -- Egypt -- Cairo -- Catalogs
Creator: null      Date: 1909
Pastel drawing of sailboats docked on the banks of the Nile before the cataract at Aswan.
Ceiling of a Doorcka”ah.
Creator: Lane, E. W. (Edward William), 1801-1876      Date: 1836
Drawing of ceiling, with colors indicated. Engraving (prints).
Ceiling of a projecting Window.
Creator: Lane, E. W. (Edward William), 1801-1876      Date: 1836
Example of the design on a window. Engraving (prints).
Ceiling ornament at Philae.
Creator: null      Date: 1902
Drawing of a bird clutching a feather (?) in its claws.
A Chair Found in Queen Tia's Tomb
Creator: null      Date: 1906
A heavy stylized chair with a ram on the side and legs in the shape of animal legs.
Creator: Unknown      Date: n.d.
Streetscape with lots of people, horse-drawn carriages, lots of vegetation
The Chief Nazir of the Pasha.
Creator: Leeder, S.H.      Date: 1918
Men standing in front of a doorway decorated with palm leaves. Black- and- white photograph.
Child Crying at the Kodak.
Creator: null      Date: 1911
Two children sitting on the ground, one of whom is crying (presumably out of fear of being...
Creator: Lichtenstern & Harari      Date: n.d.
Colorized aerial shot of a large city with the citadel at the top left
Citadel and Mohammad Ali Mosque beyond Bab-el-Wezir cemetary, Cairo, Egypt. (3)-2520
Creator: Underwood & Underwood      Date: 1908
Aerial view of the Citadel and Mohammad Ali Mosque
Citadel and Mohammed Ali Mosque beyond Bab-el-Wezir cemetery, at feast of Bairam, Cairo, Egypt. (3)
Creator: Underwood & Underwood      Date: 1904
Aerial view of a busy Citadel and Mohammed Ali Mosque at the feast Bairam
The Citadel of Cairo
Creator: Barratt, Reginald, 1861-1917      Date: 1907
A view of Cairo with the Nile in the foreground. Painting.
Citadel of Cairo
Creator: null      Date: 1878
View of the Citadel in Cairo from outside the walls.
The Citadel.
Creator: Symington, J. A.      Date: 1902
A general view of the Citadel. Line Drawing.
A Citizen of Memphis
Creator: null      Date: 1878
A man dressed in white robes and a thick belt, leaning against a pillar.
The City of Damietta on the Nile
Creator: null      Date: 1911
A riverside city is pictured with many boats close to the shore
The city of the caliphs; a popular study of Cairo and its environs and the Nile and its antiquities [Electronic Version]
Creator: Reynolds-Ball, Eustace A. b. 1857? (Eustace Alfred)      Date: 1898
Cairo (Egypt) -- Description and travel. Nile River. Egypt -- History -- 19th century.... EGYPT.... THE MAKING OF EGYPT
Creator: Lane, E. W. (Edward William), 1801-1876      Date: 1836
A drawing of different parts of Cka'noo'n and hands in playing position. Engraving (prints).
A Cka”ah.
Creator: Lane, E. W. (Edward William), 1801-1876      Date: 1836
A room in the house lined with cushions. Engraving (prints).
Ckoom'ckoom and Mib'khar'ah.
Creator: Lane, E. W. (Edward William), 1801-1876      Date: 1836
Two highly decorated vessels for perfume. Engraving (prints).
Ckoos'sah and 'En'ebeh.
Creator: Lane, E. W. (Edward William), 1801-1876      Date: 1836
Two ornaments. Upper one composed of diamonds set in gold with emeralds, rubies, and pearls. The...
Ckum'arahs, Sa'ckiyeh, 'Oo'd es-Salea'b, Mishts, 'Ackee'ck, and Belloo'r
Creator: Lane, E. W. (Edward William), 1801-1876      Date: 1836
Ornaments worn on women's headresses. Engraving (prints).
Cleopatra, from the Ruins of Dendéra.
Creator: null      Date: 1884
Cleopatra's profile. She is wearing simple clothing, but her hair is braided, and she is wearing a...
Cliff-tombs of the Lords of Assiut--the King-makers of 4,000 years ago--Egypt (41)
Creator: Underwood & Underwood      Date: 1904
A man a donkey outside a tomb
Creator: Lane, E. W. (Edward William), 1801-1876      Date: 1836
Drawing of coffee pot and several cups. Engraving (prints).
Colossal "Memnon" statues at Thebes--the farther one used to emit a cry at sunrise--Egypt. (64)
Creator: Underwood & Underwood      Date: 1904
People at statues
Creator: null      Date: 1909
Pastel drawing of two huge stone statues of Pharaoh Amenhotep III in Luxor.
Columns of Amenhotep III (Luxor)
Creator: null      Date: 1890
A party of eighteen people, many wearing hats or carrying umbrellas, poses on the sand in front of...
A Confederate Soldier in Egypt [Electronic Version]
Creator: Loring, William Wing, 1818-1886      Date: 1884
A Confederate Soldier in Egypt... Soldier in Egypt W. W. Loring... Egypt... IN EGYPT
Confiseur et limonadier (arrêroussi)
Creator: Gléon, Delort de      Date: 1889
A merchant pours drinks as he stands before a shop stocked with numerous souvenirs. . ...
Cook's Map of the Environs of Cairo
Creator: W. & A.K. Johnston Limited      Date: 1897
A map of the area surrounding Cairo, with the Nile River in blue and the tour's path in red.
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