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Creator: Hogarth, D. G. (David George), 1862-1927      Date: 1888
Two three-dimensional plaques displaying two shields each. The shields on the upper plaque have a...
Ancient Egypt and Surrounding Countries
Creator: Underwood & Underwood      Date: 1905
A line map of Egypt and Arabia with major cities and bodies of water
Ancient Sluice Gate at Acheritou
Creator: Unknown      Date: 1900
Distant view of sluice gate. Black-and-white photograph.
Cathedral of St. Sophia, Famagusta
Creator: Unknown      Date: 1900
Huge cathedral standing alone in grandeur, with palm trees about. spine.
Cell and Chapel of the Hermit Neophytus.
Creator: Hogarth, D. G. (David George), 1862-1927      Date: 1888
A chapel carved into a mountain. Prints, collotype.
Curtain Wall, Famagusta
Creator: Unknown      Date: 1900
Ships docked before old city wall. Black-and-white photograph.
Cyprian Boot-Shop
Creator: Unknown      Date: 1900
Turkish men and children and one veiled woman gathered about a boot shop;. Black-and-white...
Cyprian Farriers
Creator: Unknown      Date: 1900
Two men shoeing a donkey. Black-and-white photograph.
Creator: Unknown      Date: 2001
A simplified map of the country of Cyprus showing the elevations of different cities
Creator: Unknown      Date: 1889
A topographical map of cyprus, with major cities and rivers labeled
Cyprus [Electronic Version]
Creator: Biddulph, Robert, Sir, 1835-1918      Date: 1889
"Cyprus," Proceedings of the Royal.... Cyprus Proceedings of the Royal... "Cyprus," from the December 1889 issue of Proceedings... and travels--Periodicals Cyprus
Cyprus: historical and descriptive. From the earliest times to the present day. [Electronic Version]
Creator: Loher, Franz von, 1818-1892      Date: 1878
Cyprus: historical and descriptive.... Cyprus... Cyprus -- Description and travel. Cyprus -- History
Desdemona's Tower, Famagusta
Creator: Unknown      Date: 1900
Fortress walls and tower by water. Black-and-white photograph.
Devia Cypria : notes of an archaeological journey in Cyprus in 1888 [Electronic Version]
Creator: Hogarth, D. G. (David George), 1862-1927      Date: 1889
of an archaeological journey in Cyprus in 1888 [Electronic Edition... Cypria; notes of an archaeological journey in Cyprus...) Cyprus -- Description and travel. Cyprus
Door of St. Nicholas, Nicosia
Creator: Unknown      Date: 1900
Arched entrance into the church. . Black-and-white photograph.
The economy of late antique Cyprus [Electronic Version]
Creator: Papacostas, Tassos      Date: 2001
The Economy of Late Antique Cyprus... Cyprus Economy and exchange in the East Mediterranean... of Late Antique Cyprus Tassos Papacostas...-ecclesiastical matters in late antique Cyprus in his Chronological History
Heights of Hilarion
Creator: Unknown      Date: 1900
Plains stretching into silhouetted mountains. Black-and-white photograph.
Monastery of Bella Pais
Creator: Unknown      Date: 1900
Majestic structure in hills. Black-and-white photograph.
Monoliths Near Kuklia (Paphos), Looking South-west.
Creator: Smith, R. Elsey      Date: 1888
Two monoliths in a field. Prints, collotype.
On Trooidos
Creator: Unknown      Date: 1900
Camping tent set up in conifers and rocky terrain. Black-and-white photograph.
Ruins of Ancient Church, Famagusta
Creator: Unknown      Date: 1900
Remaining arches of church. Black-and-white photograph.
St. Hilarion
Creator: Unknown      Date: 1900
Monastery on top of cliff. Black-and-white photograph.
Stone-Enclosure at Akrotiri in the Vallia.
Creator: Guillemard, F. H. H. (Francis Henry Hill), 1852-1933      Date: 1888
Stone enclosure with two donkeys. . Prints, collotype.
Tower of Colossi
Creator: Unknown      Date: 1900
Man and woman and dog standing in front of tower. Black-and-white photograph.
Venetian Fortress, Kyrenia
Creator: Unknown      Date: 1900
Fortress overlooking water. Black-and-white photograph.
Wall of New Resevoir, Acheritou
Creator: Unknown      Date: 1900
People working on resevoir by body of water. Black-and-white photograph.
A winter pilgrimage : being an account of travels through Palestine, Italy, and the island of Cyprus, accomplished in the year 1900 [Electronic Version]
Creator: Haggard, H. Rider (Henry Rider), 1856-1925      Date: 1901
of Cyprus, accomplished in the year 1900 [Electronic Edition.... 5-13, the sections focused on Cyprus..., the sections focused on Cyprus... of Cyprus, accomplished in the year 1900