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The Sphinx Between the First and Second Pyramids. From a Photograph Taken by the Author about 6 a.m., After Sleeping at the Foot of the Sphinx.
Creator: Sladen, Douglas Brooke Wheelton, 1856-1947      Date: 1911
The Great Sphinx with two pyramids behind. Black-and-white photograph.
Statue du Roi Khéphren
Creator: Unknown      Date: n.d.
Statue of a seated man On left side
The Stela of Amenophis III, raised by Merneptah and bearing the earliest mention of Israel --Cairo, Egypt. (14)
Creator: Underwood & Underwood      Date: 1904
Thebes From Karnac.
Creator: null      Date: 1879
Drawing of the view of Thebes from Karnak.
Topographical Plan of the Pyramids of Geezeh
Creator: Unknown      Date: 1888
A detailed overhead drawing of the Pyramids of Geezeh, with important points marked with letters...
A typical camel group
Creator: null      Date: 1911
A man and a boy riding a camel on a road.
View of the Granite Temple, the Sphinx, and the Great Pyramid of Gîzeh.
Creator: Unknown      Date: 1885
A large pyramid, with a Sphinx and two smaller pyramids in the foreground. Line drawing.
View of the Sphinx.
Creator: Unknown      Date: 1885
Drawing of the Sphinx, with human figure standing in front. Line drawing.
Walled city of El Kab, ancient capital of Upper Egypt, S.W. from the door of a cliff-tomb, Egypt. (80)
Creator: Underwood & Underwood      Date: 1904
Two men sit outside the door of a cliff tomb
The Young Idea.
Creator: null      Date: 1911
Five naked children run towards the camera.
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