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TIMEA User Testing Report
Creator: Yang, Minmin      Date: 2007-05-01T17:35:51Z
Yang, Minmin2007-05-01T17:35:51Z1911/13086 User Testing ReporttextYang, Minmin2007-05-01T17:35:51Z2007-05-01T17:35:51Z2007-05-01T17:35:51Z Yang, a PhD student..._USMinmin Yang, a PhD student in Psychology at Rice University whose research
TIMEA User Testing Protocol
Creator: Yang, Minmin ; Wise, Marie ; Spiro, Lisa      Date: 2007-05-01T17:42:44Z
Yang, MinminWise, MarieSpiro, Lisa2007-05-01T17:42:44Z1911/13087 User Testing ProtocoltextYang, MinminWise, MarieSpiro, Lisa2007-05-01T17:42:44Z2007-05-01T17:42:44Z2007-05-01T17:42:44Z TIMEA team used this script to administer usability