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The Sleeping Beauties
Creator: Unknown      Date: 1885
A man standing in front of three Egyptian statues, each of which has the head of one of the current...
Ruins of Ancient Church, Famagusta
Creator: Unknown      Date: 1900
Remaining arches of church. Black-and-white photograph.
Creator: Unknown      Date: 1885
Line drawing of Egyptian god Ptah. Line drawing.
The Egyptian puzzle
Creator: Unknown      Date: 1885
A collection of mock-heiroglyphs surrounding the words "The Too Late Egypt Govt". Line drawing.
View of the Granite Temple, the Sphinx, and the Great Pyramid of Gîzeh.
Creator: Unknown      Date: 1885
A large pyramid, with a Sphinx and two smaller pyramids in the foreground. Line drawing.
S. H. Leeder
Creator: Unknown      Date: 1918
A photo of the book author. . Black- and- white photograph.
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