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Egypt [Electronic Version]
Creator: Kelly, Robert Talbot, 1861-1934      Date: 1910
] Kelly, Robert Talbot, 1861-1934... Lands Egypt R. Talbot Kelly... BY R. TALBOT KELLY R. I... By R. TALBOT KELLY
"Joseph's Hall": Palace of en-Nasir in Citadel, with his Mosque in background.
Creator: Hay, Robert.      Date: c.1830
Ruins of a palace. Line Drawing.
Island of er-Roda.
Creator: Hay, Robert.      Date: c.1830
Boats on the Nile. Line Drawing.
Aqueduct and House of the Seven Watermills.
Creator: Hay, Robert.      Date: c.1830
River with structures on far shore. Line Drawing.
Cyprus [Electronic Version]
Creator: Biddulph, Robert, Sir, 1835-1918      Date: 1889
(December 1889) [Electronic Edition] Biddulph, Robert, Sir, 1835-1918... Sir Robert Biddulph.... This electronic text includes the complete text of Sir Robert Biddulph's... text of Sir Robert Biddulph's "Cyprus," from the December 1889